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Title: Die Welt zerschmettert
Pairing: Axel/Roxas (Roxas/Naminé, Xaldin/Axel, Selphie/Kairi)

Warnings: sensitive themes regarding the Holocaust, World War II and Nazi Germany, passing promiscuity, adultery, mentions of drug use, sex and language
Rating: R
Beta: the BetaMistress alovelysilence

Word count: 9500+
A/N: This was born out of a class I am currently taking, about Berlin in the mid-twentieth century. What started as a potential kink prompt for ‘1920s Berlin: cabarets and gay clubs’ became this monster. Basically, it kicked me in the face obnoxiously until I wrote it. The title roughly translates to “the world shatters” – German has never been my strong suit, but I think it’s close enough.
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts, but I do get a kick out of writing for the fandom. The song mentioned here is called “Streets of Berlin;” it was sung by Mick Jagger in the movie Bent – which comes highly recommended. While early 20th century Germany does provide most of the backdrop for this story, it is not a wholly accurate representation of events; neither is it meant to downplay the horrors and trauma experienced by victims and survivors of the era. It is my field of study, and I have the utmost respect for their stories.

Summary: For Roxas, a regular of the gay clubs and bars of 1920s Berlin, the loose morals of the city are a welcome diversion from hard times - especially in the company of Axel, a wide-grinning jazz saxophonist just a few morals short of a hooker. But with the reign of Hitler and the Nazi party on the horizon, they are about to find their world turned upside down and shattering all around them.

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